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Dedicated craftspeople committed to realizing our clients’ design vision, our credo is quality, service and timeliness and we apply that to every job, every day.

Custom Architectural Millwork

Home Architectural Millwork
We are woodworking artisans with a lifelong commitment to our craft. No matter what vision or goal the client has in mind, we will achieve it with the utmost professionalism, precision and care. From the simplest of designs to the most intricate, we can take virtually any vision and make it happen for our clients.

Cleaning, Repair & Restoration

Cleaning and Repair
Older woodwork is delicate and therefore requires careful, precise handling. We are well-versed in all types of wood and know how to properly clean, repair and restore any item, big or small.

Polishing & Finishes

Polish Pen
We specialize in traditional polishing techniques that create a flawless finish for antiques, modern woodwork and everything in between. All of our polishing is performed by hand and backed by decades of expertise in polishing materials and applications.

Marquetry & Veneer Repair

Wood Saw
With decades of woodworking experience behind us, we know how to repair veneered surfaces while preserving as much of the original material as possible. Our skilled craftsmen will replicate the existing intricacies and grain patterns with the utmost care and precision.

Missing Parts Casting & Fabrication

Missing Parts Casting
Relying on trusted techniques and years of hands-on experience, we can fabricate missing parts with the utmost precision.

Handstripping & Refinishing

Missing Parts Casting
We take years off older woodwork with professional hand stripping and refinishing. All of our refinishing is performed by hand using the proper tools and techniques. We know how to improve the aesthetics of any piece while preserving all the beloved characteristics of the original item.

Color Matching

Color Matching
We know how to produce the intended shade for every project. Using a variety of paints, stains, varnishes and finishes, we can either color-match to other items or create a new dream shade for clients.


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